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the FIRST official entry...

Okay, fellow graduates. I'm not sure if you guys are as excited about this community as I am. But as I was cleaning out my Livejournal account I almost deleted my membership to the TCNJ group because I felt it no longer applied. Why did I want to know what was going on in the Travers 3 Lounge, or what the biggest dilemma with Sodexho is? But then I figured why not create a TCNJ Alumni account for all the bums that still can't give up livejournal..

SO, in an attempt to continue on a tradition of online blogs, here it is. The first, as i'm sure there will be others, TCNJ ALumni community.

As an official community, I think it is only neccessary for ALL new members to post a) their name, b) graduation year, c) graduating degree, d) their favorite TCNJ moment. okay, so maybe that last one is a bit cheesy. but feel free to act upon it.

to set a good example heregoes...

My name is Regina. I just graduated, class of 2005 (the official SQC class that wore that slogan to death!). I have a Bachelors in English (and no prospects of finding a job). My favorite TCNJ moment... well there's more than one. The first one includes my two best friends, Miriam and Lauren and something probably unsuitable for livejournal telling. And my second includes sixteen of my closest friends, the College Union Executive Board, and more information not suitable for livejournal telling. There it is. Now you go!
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